Roy Lobenhofer

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Ever since I was a child watching my Uncle Bill's slides of his and Aunt Elsie's vacations, I wanted to be able to capture natures beauty the way he did. As a teen, I bought my first 35mm camera and upon the pending birth of my first grandchild (He's over 13 now), I switched to digital. My favorite subjects beside my grandchildren are animals, landscapes and flowers. Below are some of the ones I think turned out pretty well. I hope you enjoy!

Clicking on the names below will lead you to the photos showing my work in that area.

I particpate in three activities that can lead to recognition of my photographs. The first is the local Daily Herald holds a weekly contest in which there a three weekly finalists published. (There is also a monthly best picture award.) I also am active in a website called Capture My Chicago. They have printed some books of the best submitted pictures and they recognise the best of the day. Finally, I belong to Arlington Camera Club which is a member of the Chicago Area Camera Club Association (CACCA). Both hold periodic contests giving an opportunity for photos to be recognized.

There are a few photos I've taken that I really like; however, they don't seem to appeal to the "powers that be" - judges, editors, or what ever. Thus, they haven't been recognised but I still like them. I hope you do too!

As I like trying to capture the beauty of wild animals but have not been blessed with a heritage that gave me access to wild animals in the wild, I was drawn to zoos at an early age. I found trying to capture a photo of a zoo animal without making it look like it was taken in a zoo both challenging and rewarding.

Zoo Animals