Roy Lobenhofer

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About Me

I've reached the age where I'm most likely more about family than anything else. Those two young(?) men at the top of the picture are Pam and my two sons Jim and Ed. (We haven't figured out how they got to look so old.) The lovely women they were fortunate enough to marry are at their shoulders. (Left: Ed and Jen. Right Jim and Kathy.) Next to their mothers are Kyle and Zach and Lauren and Danielle. Of course, next to me is Pam, the reason for being and most likely the reason I've lived as long as I have.

I spend a good deal of time looking at computer monitors. I still get data for some foundries about their tensile tests. (One of these days, I'll get it all figured out.) I also spend a good bit of time working on the photographs I've taken. As with most old men, I like to try to tell people how things "should be." The difference is I do it in writing (I find it disconcerting to watch people nod off when I'm pontificating.), thus I am again in front of a monitor. Finally, I mentioned on the home page I enjoy collecting and disseminating quotes. To find such material requires reading. As the old eyes certainly aren't what they used to be I find the adjustable sized font of monitors better.

Of course, any excuse to get together with old (or new) friends is always something to look forward to doing.

Foundry Related

The above hasn't told you anything about me in relationship to my foundry career. In 2010 I was awarded an American Foundry Society Award of Scientific Merit. As part of that process it was necessary to fill out a form about my business life. It has enough information to bore almost anyone. Click here to read it.