Roy Lobenhofer

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I guess I had an interest in writing when I was very young. I took some writing courses in high school, but found them not to my liking because they counted for stuff like spelling and grammer. I was very happy when I found out I could get an engineering degree and only have to take two semesters of English. Not a good idea, but I thought it was great at the time.

As my career progressed, I soon learned it wasn't the best ideas that were tried. The ideas tried were the ones most effectively communicated.

Marrying a English teacher certainly helped by ability to communicate in writing. When I started working for AFS, the staff of Modern Casting asked me to write a column. Not knowing what I was getting into I accepted. What really helped was they also gave me an editor. (It's really amazing how intelligent a good editor can make you sound.)

It was decided my column wasn't needed any longer. AFS and I also parted ways but there were technical papers and the like to be written. Then all of sudden I was writing a column for Modern Casting again, but this time I wasn't getting paid for it. (I rationalized that to myself saying it was good advertisment.) We again parted ways, but by that time the communicating bug had bitten me. So, I continue to write using my website to self publish.

In looking over what I've written (and continue to write), they tend to fall into three categories.

Foundry Specific - If you're not deeply involved in foundry operations or purchasing castings from foundries, you'll find these articles very sleep inducing. (Even if you are involved in the industry.)

Management - While there may be some foundry terms in these essays, the ideas, I feel, are applicable to almost any business.

Other - Of course, like most old men, I've developed thoughts about other issues. The difference with me is I've taken the time to write some of those thoughts down and  have a web site to publish them.

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